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Tenerife Telescope Calibration files

When downloading an image you will see the option to 'apply a flat file'. A flat is made by combining several images of the sky taken at dawn. This helps remove vignetting and dust doughnuts from your image.

Currently the same Visible filter flat file is used regardless of the filter the image was taken with. If you would like more control over the process, you can download individual flat files for each filter below.

The flats have already been Bias and Dark corrected

Flats - January 2019

B FlatB.fits FlatB.fits
V FlatV.fits FlatV.fits
R FlatR.fits FlatR.fits
H Alpha FlatHalpha.fits FlatHalpha.fits
O III FlatOIII.fits FlatOIII.fits
S II FlatSII.fits FlatSII.fits
Clear -- FlatLum.fits
Infrared FlatI.fits --
Ultraviolet FlatU.fits --

Bias and Dark frames - January 2019

Dark Dark.fits Dark.fits
Bias Bias.fits Bias.fits
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