In-class Primary Workshops
"wow factor of images...amazingly powerful" - Graham Richson, Greenside Primary
"it's a terrific session ... " - Jenny Barnet, Flushdyke Junior and Infant school
"lots of pupils took passwords home to do more research..." - Daniel Fryer, Balby Central Primary
Space gazing
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What to expect
We run workshops in front of the class to demonstrate just how exciting using the telescope can be! Here is what you can expect from a typical workshop:
  • Basics of the online telescope
  • Pupils and teachers take their own pictures of space
  • Setting pupils on an online curricular activity
  • Q&A session with a real scientist
  • Supplementary material to use the website
  • Annual access to website and telescope, with individual accounts for pupils and teachers
Media and Sample Activities
Telescope in action

Solar system Quest

Mission to the Moon

Day and Night

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Please note: we are currently reevaluating our schools offer. Please contact us for more information:

Why us?

For the School: The telescope ticks all the OFSTED boxes:
  • Helping to deliver a rich, interesting and relevant science curriculum
  • Providing an excellent experience of science that is both challenging and supportive
  • Encouraging literacy and writing about science and their learning
  • Providing the resource for pupils to enjoy self-motivated learning outside the classroom
  • Embracing modern IT and robotics technology to deliver real world science data
  • Raising pupil achievement
  • Providing immediate feedback for the learners
The telescope provides excellent CPD for teachers in an area that many find challenging and confusing

For the Teachers: The telescope provides exciting fully supported lessons:
  • Within the framework of a classroom management system
  • How science works at the core of the programme - pushing the pupils into being scientists
  • Provides an exciting basis for creative writing, maths, art and ICT work with many links
For the Pupils: The telescope delivers wonderful science:
  • Available for them at home and at school
  • Resources to develop their ideas and their understanding of scientific ideas
  • Their own Spacebook, personal web resources, to record and share their reflections with others